6 secrets of successful investors

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The investment world can change dramatically from one month to the next. But these secrets of successful investors never go out of style.

Successful investing can be one of your biggest allies in the quest for long-term financial security. Unfortunately, unsuccessful investing can leave you wishing you’d kept your money in the bank. Continue reading

3 reasons to bond with bonds / The secret lives of bonds

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Bonds are one of the four major assets classes, but they’re probably the least understood. Here’s why they’re an important part of many portfolios.

What are bonds?

Bonds are essentially loan arrangements that governments and large companies use to raise money. Continue reading

When a Will isn’t enough

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Think having a Will in place means your estate plan is taken care of? Here are five examples that might make you think again.

Most people appreciate that having a Will helps you formalise what you’d like to happen to your assets if you pass away. Continue reading

5 ways to smarten up your SMSF

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There are over 560,000 Self Managed Super Funds in Australia, many of which could benefit by following a few simple steps.

The stunning growth of SMSFs in Australia means that over 1 million Australians are now members of an SMSF, with combined assets greater than both retail and industry super funds. Continue reading

The real costs of owning property / Do investment properties really add up?

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Australians have long been attracted to property as an investment. But we also tend to have a blind spot when it comes to the costs of owning it.

Property holds a special place in the hearts and minds of Australians. But do we let our love for property cloud its true value as an investment? Continue reading

When the market doesn’t matter / Putting your goals first

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A goals-based investment approach isn’t focused on ‘beating the market’. It’s about tailoring your investments to meet your personal goals.

Performance comparisons are unavoidable in the investment world. Every day you see investment managers measuring their success by how much they’ve outperformed the market, or their peers, over a given time period. Continue reading